How do I navigate the Home Screens?

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  1. The Android OS desktop spans beyond the boundaries of the physical screen. You can flick the display to the left or right to access more screens.  These extra pages are referred to as Home Screen Panels.  There are a total of five Home Screens.
  2. Every Home Screen has a 'Favorites' tray that remains the same on all of the Home screens. It always has a 'Browser' icon, a 'Settings' icon, and a 'Mail' icon but can be customized with other favorites.
  3. The bottom of your screen has a dark bar with four navigation buttons. The four buttons on the bottom left are Back, Home, Recent apps:
    1. The Back button (arrow hooking backwards) will take you back to the last thing you just did on your tablet
    2. The Home button (house) will take you back to your default Home screen (the middle one) no matter where you are or what you’re doing
    3. The Recent apps button (two rectangles on top of each other) brings up a list of the apps you’ve recently used. Click on any of these to re-enter that app
    4. The Controller Assistant icon (the Wikipad logo) opens the mapping tool to link the Wikipad controller to your games.
  4. If you don't use these buttons often, they may shrink to dots or fade away, depending on the current app. To bring them back, touch their location.

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