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  1. Once the initial setup is configured, turning on the Wikipad reveals a lock screen with a lock icon. To get past this screen (assuming that the Wikipad is not already password protected), tap the lock icon. This causes a different icon to appear, one with a small circle inside a larger circle.  The outer circle has the lock icon displayed within it.  To unlock the device, drag the small circle to the right outer edge of the larger circle.
  2. To protect personal information, you can adjust Wikipad’s lock settings:
    1. From the Home Screen, touch the Settings icon
    2. Scroll down and touch 'Security'
    3. Touch 'Screen Lock'
    4. Touch the type of lock you’d like to use
  3. After you set a lock here, a lock screen displays whenever your screen wakes up, requesting the pattern, PIN, or other specified key (such as Face Unlock).
  4. If your Wikipad is playing music when the screen locks, you can continue listening or pause the selection without unlocking.

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