How do I use the On-Screen Keyboard?

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1. Enter and Edit Text.

  1. You can enter text using the onscreen keyboard. Some apps open it automatically. In others, you open it by touching where you want to type
  2. To make the keyboard go away, touch the modified Back button below it

2. Basic Editing

Move the insertion point: Touch where you want to type. The cursor blinks in     the new position, and a tab appears below it. Drag the tab to move the cursor.

  1. Select text: Touch & hold or double-tap within the text. The nearest word highlights, with a tab at each end of the selection. Drag the tabs to change the selection. The tab disappears after a few moments. To make it reappear, touch the text again
  2. Delete text: Touch to delete selected text or the characters before the cursor
  3. Type capital letters: Touch the Shift key once to switch to capital letters for one letter. Or touch & hold the Shift key while you type. When you release the key, the lowercase letters reappear
  4. Turn caps lock on: Double-tap or touch & hold the Shift key, so it changes to uppercase. Touch the Shift key again to return to lowercase
  5. Cut, copy, paste: Select the text you want to manipulate. Then touch the Cut, Copy, or Paste button:

 3.  Use next-word suggestions:

  1. Touch the location where you want to input text.
  2. Start typing out a word. When the word you want is displayed in the suggestion strip above the keyboard, touch it.
  3. Continue to touch one of the three options as your tablet predicts words you may want. If you don't want any of the options, type the next word without using the space bar. Your tablet will continue to suggest words as you type.

4.  Turn off next-word suggestions:

  1. Go to Settings > Personal > Language & input > Keyboard & input methods > Android keyboard
  2. Touch the Settings icon, and then uncheck the box next to Next-word

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