How do I Map the Controller to my Games?

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  1. With the controller connected, open the game you wish to map.
  2. Tap the bottom of the screen to show the Controller Assistant (Wikipad logo) and press this.
  3. Once read, un-check ‘show help’ box in bottom left corner, then exit the instruction screen by tapping ‘X’ in the top right corner. The Controller Assistant will then be displayed
  4. Drag the icon for the physical control you wish to use to the location on the screen where the virtual command sits.
  5. When selecting a thumbstick, move the left or right stick to select. Likewise, press the relevant button on the controller to select.
  6. To exit and return to game, press the Controller Assistant icon again.
  7. To clear mapping, select ‘clear all mapping’ from the Controller Assistant menu

Please see the instructional video in our 'Gallery' page to help!

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