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cannot open rar files in windows 10

RAR files Are mostly used types of files in PCs, and their usage didn’t change in Windows 10. We’re going to talk You can learn about RAR files, how to create them, how to extract them, and more. Follow some steps to open RAR files on Windows 10.

Let's download the zip files and after installation double click on it
After that installation, Open RAR files by double-clicking on it.
Choose more options from the open files.
Now Appear “Look another app on the PC” option. select it.
Select the program file which you had installed from the dialog box
Open the z-zip file that is locating there.
Choose the file 7zFM.exe and then click Open
Now, 7-Zip will launch.
open the RAR files or extract all the files.
Now click to begin its process.

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Sylvester Balchunas

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