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Using different tile paving methods to create personalized bath space

"Personality" is the label of 90 by a large number of people. They all have their own ideas and pursue something unique. As the first batch of post-90s have reached the age of standing, they will also usher in the most important moment in their life. Once upon a time, "little fresh meat" was often said in people's mouth. However, with the growing sense of mission, this word is no longer suitable for the post-90s, "yes The word "shouldering" is quite applicable. As a less conspicuous position in a home, how to create a unique bath space for yourself? So, might as well try these kinds of ceramic tile paving method.


1、Colorful sealant

Colorful sealant is not ordinary color cement, it is generally used in the floor or wall surface of joint decoration. It is characterized by strong solid force, pressure resistance and wear resistance, no alkalization, and no shrinkage. It not only changes the problem that the cracks of ceramic tiles are easy to fall off, but also the color of the cracks in ceramic tiles is very uniform with the matching of ceramic tiles.


2、Joint pavement

In the family decoration increasingly advocating natural, retro style, the simple and elegant antique tiles (glazed tiles) are increasingly concerned by people. These antique floor tiles are polished into irregular corners, often resulting in the appearance of erosion of the years, retro without losing fashion. And for the paste of antique brick, if its glaze treatment of uneven words, can be made into corrosion, in the bathroom paving, can leave a gap, and then in the gap filled with color cement, so that the overall room to achieve a unified effect.


3、Wall paving

Toilet wall paving, you can use 45 degrees of toilet oblique paving method, and then combined with vertical installation, which can make the wall from the original monotonous geometric lines become more colorful, but also can enhance the empty three-dimensional sense and active atmosphere.


4、Multiple color combinations

Multi color combination paving is the latest paving trend of Spanish ceramic tiles, because it is paved by random combination of floor tiles with different glaze colors. The visual effect of the whole space is very different, which can produce a very wonderful feeling.


5、Multi specification combination pavement

This kind of toilet floor tile pasting method, the feature is that you can choose a variety of different geometric sizes of ceramic tiles, according to the design of a good combination of ground tiles, because the floor tiles are composed of many different sizes of lines, can make the space look very vivid.


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