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How to prepare for the CAPM certification exam?

CAPM is otherwise known as a Certified Associate in Project Management. This certification helps the candidates in gaining a great advantage in the IT companies. It is a beginner level certification and paves the way for the certified candidates to start their career as project managers. It gives the candidates the opportunity to excel in their careers. The certification exam requires great preparation and guidance. With the right guidance and preparation tips, it is not very difficult to pass the examination with flying colours. 


Here are some points which you can take into account while preparing for the CAPM certification examination:


  1. Make up a study habit –


Everyone has their own methods of studying. The manner in which a person reads depends on his situation and learning capability. Everyone should make up a habit of studying every day, maybe for less time even. This helps in remembering the content and being in touch with the subject matters. 


  1. Prepare using the latest materials –


With the variety of study materials that are available in the market, it becomes very important to choose the right one. The candidates should look for the latest materials to take help from so that they do not miss out on anything important. 


  1. Consider using more reference materials –


There is a great number of reference books available for CAPM exam preparation. No doubt, the PMBOK guide is important, but just focusing on that one particular guide will not be of much help. It is better to keep getting information from a variety of reference books. This helps in gaining more knowledge about the different types of questions that can come in the examination.


  1. Check the outline of the examination –


Checking the exam outline can help in understanding the breakage of the questions into various parts in the exam. The candidates can know the weightage that each part of the subject carries and carry on with their preparation accordingly. 


  1. Look up to take real experience –


There are certain situational questions in the number of questions in the examination. The candidates can solve these questions in a better way if they have practical experience in the field of work. Studying something and making decisions in practical situations are both very different than each other. No matter how much one reads, but the thing that he/she experiences in a practical scenario is much more beneficial. 


  1. Practice exams are a must –


Practice examinations help the candidates to understand the exam pattern and difficulty level of the question well. The full-length tests work pretty well for the candidates to focus on time management. The candidates learn how to segregate the time according to the questions. 


  1. Do not memorize –


It is better not to memorize everything while studying. There are two important things that one should absolutely learn by heart. One is the various formulas for calculation, as this will help in speeding up the calculation. Another thing is the PMBOK guide; it has all the necessary wordings that one requires to remember properly. 


  1. Communicating with different learners can help –


A good number of communities are present online who know all about the certification examination. Various online forums and intelligent study groups are the perfect places to resort to in case of any queries relating to the course. Any individual preparing for the certification exam can seek them for help and raise any kind of concern if needed. These groups have members who indistinctly help the candidates by providing them with additional resources for better preparation. 


  1. Take up the PMI chapters –


One can easily take the examination without being a member of PMI, but it costs more. In this case, the person does not get access to all the benefits that he should get. Considering the local chapters can help the individuals to find efficient study groups and support the building of an effective network. These local chapters tend to have some regular sessions and meetings and create various vents as well as workshops. They also provide the individual with a mentor who can give necessary tips to pass the examination. 




Any certification examination requires effective preparation for efficient results. This certification examination also calls for great dedication and effort. The credential proves to be very beneficial for the candidates acquiring it. It not only adds value to the personal knowledge of the candidate but also proves to be effective for the organization. The certified candidates make up the best asset of the organization and work for the benefit of the organization. 


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