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Certification career benefits

A Certified Information Security Manager is a professional who designs and strategizes new effective ways to up-scape the security measures to protect the important data of any organization. These professionals play a very important role in protecting, managing and monitoring the sensitive and highly confidential data effectively. These professionals are wanted in every organization. And the CISM certification helps to validate all their prior experience, skills and experience as an Information Security Manager in any company. In this article, we will discuss the career benefits of CISM certification. But before learning about the benefits of the CISM certification, let’s try to understand what is CISM certification actually, only when discussing the benefits of this certification will be more meaningful.


So what is it?


Many people think that the CISM certification is exclusively designed for Information Security managers. But in reality, the CISM certification is designed for a number of job titles like IT consultants, IT executives and so on. The CISM certification Helps to upgrade the skill of a person who works with the management of Information security within any organization. The CISM certification is designed by ISACA. The ISACA is a well-known association witch has designed a plethora of certifications in the past, and ISACA came up with the CISM certification recently. And this certification is claimed to be their first-ever experience-based certification. There are other certifications by ISACA based on security management like CISSP certification, CISA certification. But CISM is a bit different from both of these certifications. In order to get the CISM certification, one has to be experienced enough to manage information within an organization for at least five years. And, to apply for this certification five years of experience needed, out of the five years, one has to gain at least two years of unique work experience in any of the CISM domain. There are basically four domains of CISM, and those are:


  • Incident. Management in IS  
  • Risk management in IS
  • Information security governance.
  • Information Security program development and management

In order to get the CISM certification, one has to be thorough with all the above-mentioned domains. Now let us go through the career benefits of CISM certification. 


The Career Benefits


  • Better skillsets

Certified information security manager has all the required skill sets that are significant in any organization. These professionals can analyze and rectify any information security-related issues. They have learnt from all the CISM domain to manage any sort of problems that may arise while mitigating any security-related risks. After knowing and understanding the risk factors. They prepare a fledged report and send the report to the higher authorities of their organization. They also have soft skills which can come in handy while suggesting new measures to avoid or prevent the upcoming potential threats. The CISM Certification not only validates their prior information security experience. But, it also educates these individuals professionally about their future job title. Such an organized skillset shows the employers that a person is well suited to protect the information of an organization


  • Increased salary

The Certified Information Security Certification is one of the highest-paid certifications by ISACA. There’s no comparison of the CISM certification in the market. A CISM, certified professional, can do a variety of jobs in an organization. He can work as a developer, Chief of staff, Security Analyst and the list of roles goes on. And because of such level of versatility of these professionals. Any organization cannot stand back when it comes to paying these professionals. However, the basic role of these professionals is to report all sort of issues related to information security to the Leadership body. Further, they also come up with suitable solutions for any type of incident or risk related to information security. On average, these professionals earn $115,000 per annum. 


  • Great Job Opportunities

The CISM certification is recognized all over the world, and this is the reason why the CISM Certification helps to expand the job scope of the CISM Certification holder. A person with CISM certification can expect jobs all over the world without any problem. The CISM certification is accepted in the APAC and BRICS nations, which expands the reach of this certification across a variety of organizations across the globe.



So, these are some of the benefits of the CISM Certification, and this is how the CISM certification benefits an individual who achieves it.


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