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kobo wifi issues

Sometimes kobo encounters wifi issues which can get a fix by following the right steps Kobo is a great device with unique features and in case you are facing any kobo wifi issues then try following steps mention below for removing Kobo wifi Issues.

How can I Fix kobo wifi issues? 

If there is any chance that you are making use of the upper and lower letters in Wifi Name and Passkey. Assure to input right letters always whether they are upper or lower.

  • You must be aware of not inputting the wrong number or letter O. In a situation where you got the numeric zero or letter O in the username and password field, make sure you have input them in a correct way.
  • For changing upper and lower case letters on-screen panel, tap the connect icon located at the bottom side of a screen display.
  • On not having a Wifi network while setting up the device, click Re-channel on the bottom of the screen panel

Checking device is connected within Wifi range
Every distant wireless network has a certain range. The range is the assigned section where you can associate with the network. 

The basic range of home network is somewhere between 100 and 300 feet. 

Right when getting outside the mentioned range, eReader will not be able to connect

Assure that Network is open for connection. The different factors explaining why Network will not be accessible:

  • If a network is provided at irregular times from Internet Providers.

  • If there is very lower power supply or any other specific fault, the hardware operating with network can quit working.

  • If the network is completely turned off, you will not have the option for connecting.

  • You have to make use of other Wifi gadgets like PDA or Wifi-loaded PC for checking whether network is accessible or not.

  • If a network is accessible and you are within the range and still the device is not showcasing the network availability then you have to add network to device overview.
    By going with the above mention techniques you will be able to remove kobo wifi issues in correct manner.


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