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WhatsApp Plus apk for free 2020

About WhatsApp Plus APK

Anyone with a smartphone is familiar with fast and free messaging. WhatsApp is used by billions and billions of people around the world. Everyone in the world is now connected through this virtual messaging app . WhatsApp is first released for mobile use and now it is available for different devices such as desktops etc. The application is accepted and received by users around the world. Due to the acceptance of the app, Facebook had purchased it. 


Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK is always focused on further improvements to the app and they've always been successful. The app had become a big hit because of the security and features provided by them. WhatsApp is used to send messages in contacts, voice calls, video calls and other features. The application allows users to send various media files like photos, videos, audios as well as share users live location. End-to-end encryption provided by the app in chats, calls, and other security features attracts more users to the app. Different types are introduced for the convenience of the user, and normal applications have user cores.


Learn more about the app!

WhatsApp has received wide acceptance which is not received by any third party application. Acceptance is indicated by the number of downloads of the app, i.e. WhatsApp is considered the most downloaded app in the world. Although the app has so many features, there are only fewer options to customize the app to suit our needs. Many WhatsApp Plus APKs have been released to provide users with customization features. WhatsApp plus is one of the APK mod that offers the best customization features with more security.


Highlights of WhatsApp Plus APK

  • The main advantage of the WhatApp Plus APK is the customization feature offered by it.
  • The Themes feature is available in the WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • In Plus APK, there are more emoticons.
  • The APK offers advanced sharing options like sending larger size files etc.
  • Files can be sent or received with their original file size. The images sent in the original applications see their size reduced.
  • Quick sharing functions are available in the WhatsApp Plus APK.


  • Users can copy or paste the messages as per their requirement, i.e. partial copy or paste functionality is available.
  • Users can hide their profile photos.
  • Login times and statuses can be checked from the chat screen itself.
  • Users can change the colors of the interface according to their needs.


How to install the application?

  1. Users who want all the extra features mentioned above can download the by following the steps mentioned.
  2. Users must uninstall the original app to install this app.
  3. You can download it by searching for it on Google or any other search engine.
  4. Users must ensure the security of the website from which you download the app.
  5. After the compatible application for your device, click on the downloaded file for installation.
  6. By tapping on the downloaded file, the installation tab will appear, you must continue with the installation.
  7. You must allow installation from unknown sources to complete the installation.
  8. If you authorized it earlier, the process will be complete.
  9. Once the installation is complete, you can open it by clicking on the home button.
  10. By installing the WhatsApp Plus APK, you can enjoy all the features mentioned above and you can have a personalized Whatsapp app.

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk: Baixar Whatsapp Plus

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