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N kinds of collocation of ceramic tile, are you excited

Different colors represent different meanings. Different colors match different spaces. It's the same in home decoration. I don't know what color to choose. Let's have a look.


White as the color of the million fans, has an enviable charm. Under the starry sky and big board series, white + orange is the representative of liveliness and flexibility. It has the purity of white and the dazzling vividness of orange, just like a trickle on the wall tiles, which makes people feel refreshed and comfortable.


The white and gray of Austrian white in the new luxury board series is a heavy stroke on the wall. It is magnificent and exciting without any hesitation. If you like the quiet and magnificent living room, you can't miss it.


The two different white, Aries extreme white is a bit more meticulous, and Austria white is a bit more casual, the two are so similar but so different. Whether it's as a floor or wall decoration, it can make the style of the space three-dimensional, which can save the "selection difficulty". And in the white rendering, it is easy to make the space more bright, feel more atmosphere, so if the lighting is not very good or the area is small, the white tile is particularly suitable.


The aurora is so wonderful and beautiful, and the wonderful "posture" can always attract people's attention. Faenza engraves the beauty of the aurora on the ceramic tile surface, giving the space a comfortable experience as vast as stars. Cloud like hazy white with the softness of indigo, Aurora stone rhyme white with blue is fresh and safe. After paving, the aurora stone rhyme is surrounded by clouds, with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, full of every corner of the space.


Different from the stone rhyme of Aurora, Positano's aurora is more romantic, just like the shining in the Milky way, clear and dazzling, but also dazzling.


The same Aurora has its own unique features. They can be used to pave the floor and create a romantic atmosphere. They can also be used to whitewash the space and turn it into different works of art. They are the combination of art and space, and also the wonderful space atmosphere under ceramic tiles. If you want the space to be both brilliant and natural, then these two aurora can't be missed!


Faenza's collocation is a fresh, natural and artful silhouette, and the fashionable and elegant tone is an interpretation of various styles. It is not afraid of the choice of space. Just by carefully collocation, it can make the space become a "beautiful scenery" and make people intoxicated.


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