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Rocket LeagueRocket League Marauder Prices and Value Marauder Prices and Value

Marauder is a battle-car released on July 5, 2016, as part of the Rocket League Collector's Edition. It was made available to purchase separately on July 18, 2016. It originally appeared in Rocket League precursor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Its design is based on a humvee. Official promo artwork shows Marauder with the Marauder wheels.

Want to make a good trade for a Marauder car in Rocket League XBOX ONE (PS4, Switch) Market? Here you can get to know the timely market value of Marauder Bodies with its price in Rocket League Credits! Also, you can check the price tendency diagram to know how to do the Rocket League Prices of the Marauder Bodies raise and drop in the market since it released in the game!

You can view the stats of the Marauder car including its rarity on GOLDKK.COM, also can get the prices for the item in different painted if it is paintable. These Prices for Marauder Bodies on the Rocket League Trading market are calculated from Trades created all over the Internet, the real market value would be a bit different! We will keep updating the Marauder Bodies price for different platforms in the market daily to ensure you make good trading for it in the market!

The currency Marauder Bodies price on Xbox One is 377 Rocket League Credits, average 377 Credits in this week, Unchanged compared to the prices in the previous 15 days.

Rocket League Marauder is a battle-car released in 2016 as part of the Rocket League Collector’s Edition, it is designed based on a humvee. Marauder is an underrated choice, it is often overlooked in favor of the fairly similar-built Merc, the large bulky shape of the car might be a bit off-putting to some giving them an idea of its slow speed, but its wide hotbox makes it a pretty solid option, if you like a more defensive game, Marauder is a great option for you. If you plan on spending a lot of time swatting shots away from your goal, the overall large mass of this car makes it a powerhouse.

I believe the Maurader is a very underestimated vehicle. I find it easier to reliably hit aerials as a dominus player than the octane (feels too short), but that's just my personal preference. For older people, it will be different. My brother is moving as a main to Maurader, and I will make it my 1v1 and 2v2 car.

Tall, powerful and mean, if you want to overpower the other team, the Marauder is an excellent choice. Released only for purchase in a DLC pack of the Rocket League Collector's Edition, good for you if you've already grabbed it. Good luck if not. Yes, it's big and voluminous, but its hitbox is solid and powerful. Using the Marauder and drive through it all.


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